The future belongs to those who believe in their dreams.
– Eleanor Roosevelt

For every family, it’s not just about the destination.
It’s about the journey.

For most families of great wealth, the acquisition of resources is rarely a single event. It is more often a journey marked by opportunity and adversity. This, certainly, has been the experience of the LBJ family.

Leveraging our experience

In 1942, Claudia Taylor Johnson (Lady Bird Johnson) used a small inheritance to purchase a CBS radio affiliate in Austin, Texas. Over the next 60 years, Mrs. Johnson created a private holding company consisting of businesses that included media, real estate, timber, and marketable securities.

The family company, however, was not immune to the economic crisis of the late 1980s. Following her father’s belief that the best fertilizer for a man’s land is the footsteps of its owner, Luci Baines Johnson and her husband Ian Turpin changed their focus from Ian’s 20-year career in international banking and investment to reorganizing the family’s businesses. Through hard work, discipline, and progressive governance structures they were able to restructure their family business and survive the economic “train wreck” of the times.

Looking forward

Today, LBJ Family Wealth Advisors works with like-minded families who share our commitment to wealth preservation, integrity, and transparency. We look forward to speaking with you about how our personal experience and investment expertise can help you preserve your family’s dreams.

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To help secure your family’s future, we seek to provide objective counsel and to manage your interests as we would our own.